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4096-UV-enhance High Resolution spectrometer

high-resolution spectrometer
4096-UV-enhance High Resolution spectrometer
1 unit
Made in China


     •  ATP3034 is UV-enhanced designed with extra high resolution in the region of UV region. ATP 3034 designed M-shape optical bench with super resolution
          and stray light with a resolution of 4096 pixels.

     •  ATP3034 is a ultra-high resolution micro spectrometer developed by Optosky. The highest resolution can reach 0.05nm, which is suitable for all kinds of
          high-resolution applications. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high reliability, ultra-high speed, low cost, high cost performance and so on.
          It can be used in various environmental applications such as online testing.

     •  ATP3034 is perfect for fast detection attribute to its high A/D converter frequency and the high speed data transmission. In ATP3034 memory chip, some
          algorithms to improve the performance are programed solidly, such as wavelength calibration coefficients, linearity coefficients. ATP3030 operates with a
          single +5V DC supply supplied from USB or UART.

     •  ATP3034 has free SDK for customers self-developed, Optosky support C++, C#, Labview and Linux system SDK, which is very convenient for OEM customers
          to design solutions.


  • Resolution: 0.1-0.4 nm
  • Detector pixels:4096
  • High sensitivity:1300V(lx.s)
  • Response range:UV
  • Maximum readout speed:10MHz max
  • Optical path:crossed C-T
  • Integration time:1ms-65535ms
  • Power supply:USB port
  • Light input connector: SMA905 or free space
  • Data output connector:USB2.0(High speed) or UART


  • Small volume, fast spectrophotometer
  • Spectral analysis/Iradiance spectrophotometer analysis
  • Transmission, absorbance measurement
  • Reflectance detection
  • Ellipsometer
  • Laser wavelength measurement
  • UV, VIS, and NIR measurement