High-performance Raman Probe Gun

High-performance Raman Probe Gun


Optosky raman Probe includes two models of ATR20105 and ATR20107. 
ATR20107 raman Probe Gun is designed to test samples in the state of powder, solid and liquid, and it suits to excitation sources of 1064nm,532nm,785nm,473nm,830nm etc.


  • raman probe for 785, 1064, 532, 830, 473 nm exciting laser
  • OD >8 
  • tainless-steel focused probe
  • Steel jacketed fiber 
  • High-temperature reliability


Raman spectrometer 

Order Guide:

Order NoSpectral Range
ATR20107-785For 785 nm raman Spectrometer
ATR20107-1064For 1064 nm raman Spectrometer
ATR20107-532For 532 nm raman Spectrometer
ATR20107-830For 830 nm raman Spectrometer
ATR20107-473For 473 nm raman Spectrometer