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Dual-band Portable Raman Spectrometer

raman instrument
Dual-band Portable Raman Spectrometer
1 unit
In many cases in lab is uncertain of wavelengths better for their application, ATR3200 dual-band Raman spectrometer integrate two wavelengths laser sources to detect small sample. It requires no contact, no treatment to make an undestructive detect. This instrument has advantages of high performance-to-ratio, smart size can detect liquids, including fabrics, biology, alcoholics, crystals etc. ATR3200 built-in 532nm, 633nm, 785nm Raman spectrometers, all of them employs cooled high sensitivity Raman signal enhanced CCD, high efficient Raman probe with a laser power up to 600mW narrow linewidth lasers, combined with high reliable optical design, circuit design, structure design, detect result is very stable, and super SNR. ATR3200 built in 1064 Raman, employs ultra high cooled semi-conductor lasers, 2nd class cooled ultra high sensitivity InGaAs linear array CCD. As a result, with high performance, high sensitivity can fit to scientific research, medical instrument industry
ATR3200 Series Models Selection
Wavelength/nmATR3200-532Single Wavelength 532nm
ATR3200-633Single Wavelength 633nm
ATR3200-785Single Wavelength 785nm
ATR32001064Single Wavelength 1064nm
ATR3200-wavelength 1+ wavelength 2any two wavelengths of 266nm,325nm405nm532nm633nm638nm785nm1064nm
Other wavelengths can be customized


Dual bands:532, 633, 785, 1064nm (optional dual wavelengths combination);
High sensitivity, SNR>3000:1
High Stability
Hamamatscu CCD, excellent performance
High performance spectrometer
USB2.0 connect to PC


Scientific Research
Biology Science
Forensic Science
Material Science
Medical Immunology
Agriculture and food identification
Water Pollution analysis
Gemstones and inorganic mineral
Environment Science