Handheld Raman Analyzer

Handheld Raman Analyzer
1 unit

ATR6500CH is upgraded on the basis of ATR6500, and not only reserve the advantages of super thin, ultra-light, fast ID, but also make it rechargeable battery for field detection extending battery life.The toxic and hazardous gases alarm and  readout altitude sensor.


      •  Replaceable Battery for unlimited life span;

      •  Various toxic and hazardous gases Alarm;

      •  Built-in altitude sensor read out;

      •  Non-Destructive, Fast Detect & Identify, One-touch Operation;

      •  Advanced algorithm, mixture detection;

      •  HD 5.5"capacitive touch screen, smooth operation system;

      •  double cameras of 13-mega plus 8-mega;

      •  Barcode & QR scan;

      •  Precision GPS positioning;

      •  Multiple modes of 4G, GPS, GPRS, Bluetooth, WIFI;

      •  Self-Built Spectral Library;

      •  Test results report export pdf;

      •  Built-in Li battery and standby times >72hrs;

      • Lightweight(480g),easy-to-take;

      •  IP-66 compliant;


      •  Public Safety;Food Safety;

      •  Hazardous detect at High Speed Train, Metro Entrance;

      •  APIs ,Pharmaceutical raw materials, excipients;

      •  Gemstones & Materials ID, Mineral sorting;

      •  Experimental Research;

      •  Antique authentication;

      •  Minerals Sorting;