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Online Raman Analysis System

Online Raman Analysis System
1 unit


The ATR7000 series online Raman analysis system provide on-line analysis for the mixture composition contents, and it’s self-developed by our company based on the research experience in the past ten years. The ATR7000 series online Raman system can provide fast, accurate and stable detection methods for the composition and properties of various homogeneous liquid mixtures. By building a corresponding quantitative analysis model, the system can be widely used in various types of companies. Continuous or intermittent production process, real-time online detection of its product composition and content, and provide key measurement information for advanced control and real-time optimization.


     •  Advantages of Raman spectroscopy;

     •  Vivid peaks;

     •  fast, efficient and accurate analysis;

     •  Non-contact sample;

     •  No sample consumable;

     •  No need for sample pretreatment;

     •  On-site maintenance free;

     •  No effect on water or gas;

     •  Flexible sampling and easy to use;


     1.Petroleum and chemical

     •  Chemical synthesis;

     •  Polymerization;

     •  Composite material;

     •  Adsorption separation device;

     •  Distillation equipment;

     •  Oil blending;

     •  Aqueous solution;

      2.Pharmaceutical Industry

     •  Isomer conversion;

     •  Response monitoring;

     •  Synthesis and crystallization of drug intermediates;

     •  Quality control;

     •  Raw material inspection;

     •  Intermediate product detection;

     •  Final product inspection;


     •  Alcohol concentration;

     •  Concentration of ethyl hexanoate;

     •  Concentration of ethyl lactate;