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Raman Imaging Microscope

Single-Dual-Triple-band raman spectroscopy instrumentation,auto-focus, auto-scan,laser spot,Raman system,
Raman Imaging Microscope
Made in China
ATR8500 features build-in 3 wavelengths in the Raman imaging microscope. It also upgraded for super signal to noise >6000:1 and unique seal door design base on ATR8300 mini Raman microscope. With large and dark sample compartment design solve customer concern of experiment day and night at the shared laboratory.

ATR8500 conjugated Raman imaging microscope build-in Max. 3 wavelengths in one Raman imaging microscopy system, dual-band and single band Raman imaging microscope also available for selection.  Raman microscope make “eyes see is to be detected”, molecular  micro particles Raman spectrum can be visualized in colors on the computer, precision positioning at the microscope stage micro sample, ensure the observer to detect Raman signal collect from different micro sample surface, and to be visualized micro sample surface on the computer. It makes micro area to be detected by Raman microscope.

ATR8500 raman microscopy instrument is auto-focus, auto-scan, one button operate, batch measurement, uniformed scan and reliable Raman mapping data can be obtained fast and waste no time. With exclusive objectives for Raman microscope, it makes laser spot size close to diffraction limits, then with 5-mega camera to visualized on the computer accurate position, generated good Raman spectra data image.

ATR8500 minimize optical path signal loss during imaging, and result in perfect raman signal intensity, It’s a perfect solution to separate Raman imaging and Raman signal collection, which is exclusive patent.

ATR8500 raman microscopy instrumentation features super high signal to noise abover 6,000:1 and seal door large sample compartment for day and night experiment at the shared laboratory. This upgraded design gains popularity and receive the best seller in the Chinese market of Raman microscope.


  • Fully automated Raman imaging, auto-focus, auto-scan
  • Large area imaging (50X50mm), Automated imaging spicing technology
  • Maximum three wavelengths lasers
  • Depth of Field (DOF) camera optional
  • High sensitivitySNR>6000:1
  • Integration time no less than 1.3 hours
  • True-Focus to ensure accurate Raman image
  • High spatial resolution
  • Exclusive software function to switch optical path
  • Fast positioning focus
  • High quality objectives, spot size up to μm level
  • 5-mega camera for clear image
  • USB2.0 direct connect to PC

  • Nano particles & new materials
  • Scientific research institute
  • Biological Science
  • Forensic medical identification
  • Materials science
  • Medical Immunology Analysis
  • Agricultural & food safety
  • Water pollution analysis
  • Gemstones and inorganic minerals identification
  • Environmental Science