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Integrating Spheres for Reflectance

optical receiver
Integrating Spheres for Reflectance
1 set
Made in China
The function of an integrating sphere is to spatially integrate radiant flux in scatter transmission and diffuse reflectance sample measurements.

Optosky's reflectivity integrating sphere is foamed with imported PTFE material, covering the ultraviolet-visible-near-infrared spectral range, and has high reflectance, good thermal and chemical stability in this spectral range, and is not easy to yellow and Powder off. The material of the sphere is made of alumina, the diameter of the inner tank is 38 mm, the diameter of the sample port is 9.5 mm, and a fixed bracket is attached, which is convenient for testing.
The reflectivity integrating sphere has 3 openings, one is the light entrance connected to the light source, and a collimating mirror is installed at the front of the light entrance, which is incident at 8° to the normal. One is that the output port is perpendicular to the normal and is used to connect the spectrometer. The input and output ports are all common SMA905 fiber interfaces. There is also a sample port to prevent sample testing. Of course, we can also customize the optical trap design for you, deduct the specular reflection of the sample, and only measure the diffuse reflection of the sample port.

High reflectance, excellent Lambertian reflective surface
High stability, not easy to deteriorate

Spectral reflectance
Reflection system design
Reflectance measurement of solid samples
Reflectance measurement of turbid liquids.
Powder and film opaque sample reflectance