Cuvette Holders

Cuvette Holders
Cuvette Holders
1 unit
Made in China

The CUV-UV cuvette holder for 1-cm pathlength cuvettes couples via optical fibers to Optosky spectrometers and light sources to create small-footprint systems for absolute absorbance measurements of aqueous solutions. The CUV-UV cuvette holder is optimized for applications from 200-2000 nm, has a built-in filter slot and features spring-loaded ball plungers for precise cuvette holder positioning. Optional covers are available to block ambient light from the sample chamber.

  • Absorbance accessory – compact holder for 1 cm pathlength square cuvette holder 
  • Filter slot – accommodates filters up to ¼-inch thickness
  • Temperature control – internal channels accept a constant-temperature water source