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Portable Hair Drugs Analyzer

alcohol hair follicle test
Portable Hair Drugs Analyzer
1 unit
Made in China

During a drug scene, suspects do not cooperate, making it difficult for police to obtain body fluids and conduct drug tests.
Keratin is the main component of human hair, about 97%. When a person takes drugs, the narcotics will be involved in the body's metabolism, and the metabolites will enter the keratin in the new hair. For hair that has already grown, narcotics metabolites can also enter the body through sweat glands or sebum secretion. The drug component in the urine can not be detected in 5~10 days after taking drugs, but the hair will not necessarily fall off for months or even years, faithfully recording what has happened in the body.
GA505 portable hair narcotics trace fast detector, using advanced time-resolved ultraviolet fluorescence immunoassay technology, an easily generate the test results of the drug concentration in the sample within 10 minutes, can quickly and accurately detect the results of morphine, methamphetamine and ketamine to meet the needs of qualitative analysis.
GA505 portable hair drugs analyzer, one-time can detect three to five drugs, improve the detection efficiency, the standard 4 g, BT, WIFI, thermal paper printing module, id identification module, adapted to the drug control departments in the laboratory to early screening of drug addicts hair, can also be used for security forces out the law enforcement, Input the identity information of drug users on the spot, and print the results directly as the basis for on-site inspection and disposal of anti-drug police.

Advanced technology: Rare earth luminescence technology is a new rapid test technology of immunoassay with the highest accuracy.
Multi-channel detection: Can detect single card and multi-connected card, and multi-connected card supports up to five-connected card.
Detectable items: Morphine, crystal meth, ketamine, etc.
Rapid test: Multi-channel, faster and more efficient detection.
High sensitivity: Can detect the minimum drug content of 0.2ng/mg, in line with the industry standard of the anti-drug association.
Automatic detection: Use of program control motor, automatic card entry or return, simple and convenient operation.
Storage convenience: Hair can be stored at room temperature, while urine, blood and other samples generally need to be cryopreserved at low temperature.
Long traceability period: Longest hair can be used to detect whether the suspicious person's body contains drugs within 3~6 months.。
Quantitative accuracy: Accurate sampling method, constant experimental process, to ensure a higher reference quantitative test results.
Easy to carry: All needed for testing are packed in a test box with a suitcase of about 20 inches.

Public security anti-drug
Driving school drug testing
Community drug supervision