Chimney Vent Remote Sensing System

Chimney Vent Remote Sensing System
1 unit
Made in China
Chimney Vent Remote Sensing System (SO2, NO2, Carbon Black)

While promoting economic development, industrial development has also brought serious environmental problems. The main pollution components of industrial waste gas are SO2, NO2 and carbon black particles. The waste industrial gas of changes in real time. How to monitor it quickly, accurately and remotely is the hot spot and difficult point in the field of environmental remote sensing.
GF300 chimney vent remote sensing system, using the world's advanced ultraviolet imaging technology, designed and developed a new chimney vent remote sensing system, compared with the traditional methods, this technology has obvious technical advantages in terms of temporal resolution, spatial resolution and detection accuracy, and has been widely used in SO2 remote sensing in foreign countries.
The system uses UV camera to image SO2 from industrial pollution, puts forward the imaging monitoring method of carbon black particulate matter, which realizes the monitoring of SO2 and carbon black particulate matter emission in industrial chimney vent, and breaks through that violet external camera can only be used to detect SO2 in the world. The monitoring system has high spatial, resolution and accuracy, can realize rapid remote sensing monitoring, important application value in real-time monitoring, ship exhaust pollution emissions.
GF300 also built-in GPS, laser ranging and other functions, very practical.

Model Feature
GF300-SO2 Monitoring SO2 and carbon emissions
GF300-NO2 Monitoring NO2 emissions


  • Remote sensing monitoring: it can be detected 1Km away from the target without needing to be close to the target;
  • No sampling required: complete remote sensing monitoring technology;
  • Rapid detection: 0.03s measurement time;
  • Continuous measurement: 30Hz monitoring speed;
  • Emission estimation;
  • Accurate ranging: Built-in laser ranging, the maximum distance is 2Km;
  • Built-in GPS positioning;
  • Accurate quantification: not disturbed by clouds;
  • Simple operation: only simple training can be precise operation;
  • On-site testing: all the instruments, reagents and other accessories required for testing are packed in a test box with a 20-inch suitcase.


  • Industrial chimney discharge;
  • CEMS