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Mobile Hyperspec Imager

hyperspectral cameras
Mobile Hyperspec Imager
1 unit
Made in China
Hyperspectral imaging systems are a powerful tool for non-contact or remote sensing of molecular chemical information of material quality or composition.


ATH3010-17 is a miniature hyperspectral imager with small size and light weight.

ATH3010-17 is featured  with high spatial resolution, high spectral resolution and wide imaging range. ATH3010-17 has a built-in stable and blue-light source, and the power is adjustable, so there is no need for additonal supplementary light sources.

ATH3010-17 consists of a hyperspectral imager and a fully automatic motorized rotary atage, in which the hyperspectral instrument is based on high-efficiency transmission grating technology and has good aberration characteristics.

ATH3010-17 can be installed on a tripod or a apole, and add automatic calibration devices, weather monitoring sensors, etc, so as to achieve long and large-scale scanning upon the target.



  • Spectral Range:900-1700nm
  • Spectral Resolution:3.5 nm
  • High Sensitivity SWIR Hyperspectral Imager
  • 13-megapixel visible light camera with integrated spectrum
  • High-performance image sensor,high performance-to-price ratio
  • Blue light and infrared lighting source,power adjustable
  • Optical design with high imaging quality on the entire target surface, the spot diameter is less than 0.5 pixels
  • The lens interface is standard C-Mount, and the lens exchangeable
  • High-precision electric rotary table


Pest Monitoring, Nutrient Monitoring, Disaster Assessment, Crop Yield Estimation, etc.