Reflection Probes

Reflection Probes
Reflection Probes
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A reflection/backscatter probe is a compact, versatile sampling option to measure diffuse and specular reflectance, backscatter, or fluorescence from samples as varied as solids, solutions, and powders. reflection and backscatter measurements can provide quantitative information about the color, appearance, and chemical composition of a sample.
 offer reflection/backscatter probes in a variety of fiber core sizes and wavelength ranges. Custom options are also available.

  • General purpose -- ideal for diffuse or specular reflectance from solids; fluorescence; color
  • SR fibers -- probe assembly comprises solarization-resistant fibers (200-1100 nm)
  • Probe design -- 6-around-1 fiber bundle design, with 6-fiber leg connecting to light source and single-fiber leg connecting to spectrometer