Visible-NIR Fibers

Visible-NIR Fibers
1 unit
Made in China

Our lab-grade and premium-grade UV-Visible optical fiber assemblies are durable, high-quality patch cords that deliver uniform results with minimal signal variance. Patch cords act as both illumination and read fibers and connect easily to Optosky spectrometers, light sources and sampling accessories.
Visible-NIR patch cords are low OH fibers that transmit most efficiently from 400-2500 nm and UV-Visible (200-1100 nm) options are also available. Can customize connectors for FC/SMA905.


  • Visible-NIR transmission -- low OH fibers transmit best from 400-2500 nm
  • Jacketing options -- stainless steel BX or silicone-coated steel monocoil with a Nomex braid 
  • Variety -- assemblies available in different core diameters and lengths; custom options also available
  • Convenient handling -- precision SMA 905 connectors with extra-long knurled ferrules for easy manipulation
  • Robust -- great for lab, field and industrial use
  • Laser transmission;
  • Spectral detection;
  • UV lithography;
  • Medical sensing;
  • Bioassay;
  • UV Raman Spectroscopy;
  • UV illuminance monitoring;
  • High temperature measurement;
  • Photodynamic therapy;
  • Medical diagnosis and other fields.