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UAV Forest Patrol & Fire Alarm System

patrol management system
UAV Forest Patrol & Fire Alarm System
1 unit
Made in China
GA900 is a new type of powerful and reliable uav forest patrol and fire early warning system launched by Optosky. It can patrol the forest situation, and can warn the occurrence of fire in advance, prevent from unburned, reduce the disaster area and disaster loss of fire.
Forest Fire Prevention:
  Fire is one of the important risk factors that threaten forest health. Once it occurs, the damage to forest is often huge, complete and irreversible. Under climate change scenarios, forest fire management is of great practical significance. NASA's Global Fire Database (GFDP) is the world's most famous fire database and management system. The essence of GFDP is a remote sensing digital map based on Terra & Aqua MODIS satellites. Its main design functions include: ( 1) Fire location location; (2) Fire site monitoring. Under the current technical conditions, GFDP minimizes system execution errors and provides scientific research managers with a method for large-scale monitoring and control of forest fires."Forest Fire Prevention and Control Project (FFPCP, 1995-2001)"is an EU-Indonesia international cooperation project. Both Europe and India are engaged in forest fire remote sensing data interpretation, forest fire early warning and monitoring, combustible risk control, restoration and reconstruction of burned areas and other fields. A wide range of results have been achieved, the main source of remote sensing data being NOAA satellites.
  In 2003, as a follow-up plan of the"Forest Fire Prevention and Control Project", the European Union cooperated with the Indonesian government to carry out the"South Sumatra Forest Fire Management Project", which plans to build a provincial-scale fire risk detection and forest fire management system. Radar remote sensing is also used in the field of forest fire management. American scientists have used multi-aperture radar remote sensing data to semi-empirically estimate three forest canopy combustible load parameters, including canopy combustible mass, canopy bulk density and leaf water content, in Yellowstone Park. Compared with ground research, the overall accuracy is more than 70%, and after classifying combustibles, the accuracy is more than 85%.

  Traditional forestry resources monitoring and inspection work, labor intensity is high, labor cost is high, efficiency is low, and it is difficult to quickly control the overall situation; but the satellite inspection period is long, the time efficiency is poor, the spatial resolution is poor, cannot satisfy the real-time request.
  Traditional manned aircraft have improved the problems of timeliness and manual patrol inspection, but in the harsh environment such as forest fire, flight safety will be seriously threatened, and it is greatly affected by the environment, airspace and so on, and the maintenance cost is high, so it is difficult to meet the needs of daily patrol inspection of forestry. It has become an urgent and urgent task for forestry management to seek a new high-tech means to be applied in forest resource monitoring, forest fire prevention and forestry law enforcement.
   GA900 is a new type of powerful and reliable uav forest patrol and fire early warning system launched by Aup Tiancheng. It can patrol the forest situation, and can warn the occurrence of fire in advance, prevent from unburned, reduce the disaster area and disaster loss of fire.
  At the same time, it can also mount fire extinguishing powder and other fire extinguishing equipment for fire extinguishing;
  In addition, it also mounts the long-range propaganda device, may carry on the scene command, dispatches the scene staff.

● Fire early warning: Through constant wave ultra-infrared imaging, fire spots can be found in advance to prevent from non-ignition.
● Forest inspection: fast, accurate, large-scale and real-time.
● Built-in megaphone: It can conduct on-site command and dispatch on-site staff.
● Fire extinguishing powder can be mounted: participate in on-site fire fighting.
● Easy to use: Simple training is required for accurate operation.
● On-site testing: the equipment and other accessories required for testing are all packed in the instrument case of about 40 inches of luggage.

● Forest-police
● Fire police

Using A Hyperspectral Imager to Take Hyperspectral Images of The Fire