The Raman testing for one sample usually costs 10s or more time. Some experiments perform multiple experiments in order to obtain a higher signal-to-noise ratio, and the experiment time is longer. It takes longer time for the 1064nm Raman spectrometer to scan samples, because of weak excitation efficiency, and low response rate of infrared sensors etc. In this way, researchers consume a lot of time and effort to repeat test labors if they want to measure 100 samples, it may be take hours or even a whole day.

ATR8000 combines high-sensitivity Raman spectroscopy, precision motion control, and smart sensing, to deal with the problem of repetitive work for researchers. It come true the Raman determination of automation and high throughput. ATR8000 can test 100 samples at the same time, and automatic light and sound alarmed will warn experimenter upon the end of the test, as a result of reducing experimenter work load.

ATR8000 uses the customized Android with high security. It has thermal printer, bar code scanner, USB interface, WIFI & 4G with customized which can directly print or submit to competent authorities by internet for testing results.