Hyperspectral and multispectral imaging

    The hyperspectral imaging system captures images from more than one hundred continuous spectral bands.While multispectral images can be used to distinguish land surface features and landscape patterns, hyperspectral images can be used to identify and characterize materials.In addition to drawing material distribution maps, evaluating individual pixels is often useful for detecting unique objects in a scene.

    Hyperspectral sensors have advantages over multispectral sensors in recognition and quantification of molecular absorption.

    The hyperspectral resolution of the hyperspectral imager allows the detection, identification and quantification of surface materials, as well as the inference of biological and chemical processes.

Remote sensing applications:

    Developed areas of scientific application include geological and mineral exploration;Forestry;Oceans, coastal areas, inland waters and wetlands;Agriculture;Ecological;There are also many military applications in camouflage, coastal zone mapping and mine detection.

    For these applications ground truth signatures that are collected on the spot and indexed in the spectral library are essential for many analytical methods.

    Although image processing packages typically include basic spectral libraries, different libraries of applications containing spectra of specific materials that appear in the target field domain greatly improve the accuracy of the generated interpretations.

    Vegetation spectra are influenced by a wide range of environmental conditions, so that it is difficult to adequately represent such variations without collecting field spectra at a particular location. 

Optosky's Remote Sensing solution

    The FieldSpectrometer is the market's leading spectrometer, and scientists around the world rely on it for various applications in the natural environmentIt can analyze the performance of various remote sensing images and convert the measurement results into immediate feedback.

    Field measurements carried out by FieldSpectrometer maximizes the information obtained from satellite, aircraft and UAV imagesIts intuitive user interface allows you to easily configure and control the instrument to perform the required measurements.